Positive Image Campaign | Positive Image Campaign Announces Postive Image Icons 2017
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Positive Image Campaign Announces Postive Image Icons 2017

Undateables Star, Tom Morgan, TV Presenter Amanda Byram and Linda Yueh, Broadcaster and economist amongst others to receive gongs

Celebrating its fifth year since formation, the Positive Image Campaign, a campaign to inspire confidence – will announce its Positive Image Icon winners for 2017 today in London (24 March 2017).

The awards celebrate both people in the public eye and every day heroes who promote diversity in their field/area.  Previous winners include Catherine Tate, Kanya King, Steph McGovern and Rebel Wilson.


OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTION: Melanie Chisholm – as an icon from the most successful girl-band to date and a purveyor of Girl Power, to a successful solo artist, Mel C is a beacon of positivity. Mel has inspired confidence to many including students through the Positive Image Campaign, speaking openly about her own confidence challenges and eating disorders, depression & obsessive over exercising.

Tom Morgan: From winning over the Nation on The Undateables, Tom who suffers from Tourettes & Aspergers overcame his self-confidence issues to land his first modelling job for leading brand – Jacamo.

Amanda Byram: TV Presenter in UK & USA, Amanda is celebrated for her fantastic work as an ambassador for health eating, nutrition & exercise encouraging sensible and healthy body image & expertise.

Linda Yueh: Broadcaster, Author & Economist, Linda is a Lecturer at Oxford University and a regular commentator on BBC. As the Chief Business Correspondent for the BBC, Linda has a responsibility to engage the next generation with the fast-changing world of economy & Business.

Peter Avis: Babylon Manager – from his Liverpool council house beginnings, Peter has a stellar career in the food & beverage industry working in the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, but always has time to give back to young students on the start of their journey in the industry.

Ed Watson: –  body confidence campaigner and retail activist behind initiatives to increase the size of mannequins in UK stores & improve visibility of the over 50s in fashion to name a few.

Levi Roots: the British – Jamaican reggae musician who has broken through to business has been a constant source of inspiration to young people through his community work & charity endeavours.

Holly Branson: Holly has been a driving force behind Big Change – an organisation created to support & back solutions offering alternative ways to support young people & behind the STRIVE initiative

YOUNG PERSON AWARD: Our young person award goes to Laura Barlett; Just a few years ago, budding entrepreneur, Laura, stood in front of the Dragons in BBC’s Dragons Den & was told her idea was at best impossible, and at worst foolish. Since then, Laura has certainly been on a journey with great highs (Published magazine) and real lows when her business failed. Her resilience and her support of other young people is the reason we acknowledge her confidence today.

Commenting on the awards, event founder Kate Hardcastle said: “The onslaught of reality TV, social media and a 24/7 society was certainly making challenges even harder for young people.

 Five years on, whilst I’m so very grateful to all the volunteers and supporters who have given time so generously to this initiative, research tells us we have so far yet to go.

Self-harm, depression and suicide statistics in the UK amongst young people still remain at concerning levels – and now as a mum of three, I have real fears for my own children and the challenges they face.

Positive Image is not a war on make-up, selfies or wanting to feel good – it’s a supportive action to enable more young people feel comfortable in their skin, and feel loved for who they are.  Today’s recipients literally live and breathe this ethos,” added Kate.

Positive Image Campaign has recently supported students at Manchester Met Uni, Oxford University & the Brooksbank School in Elland.

The latest feed from todays event: